Buick Regal drawings

Mk V All Buick drawings All Buick Regal drawings
2008 - 2014 Sedan

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Summary of upcoming blueprint:

Views: Front Top Rear Side

License: Basic License

Scale: 1:10

Units: mm | ft

Formats included (Hover over format to see versions and compatibility):




You could also add top view, dimensions, additional high-resolution JPEG/PNG, layered PSD, native CDR files etc. Contact us right after your payment to manage all the possible options.



Attention! We DO NOT offer absolutely exact blueprints. So you CAN NOT use our blueprints for engineering, repair and tuning purposes.

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You could move and paint vehicle parts. Change it from black plastic to metallic or select between glasses and panels.

Actual Sizes
Our blueprints have correct sizes such as length, width and height. And have variety of relevant versions.

This blueprint would be made with vector curves and strokes so you could zoom in as much as you need in best quality.

Separate layers
for body, parts, windows, wheels, lights etc. Each blueprint could be used as lined wireframes and as a filled shapes.


Purposes and accuracy:

Our blueprints have an accuracy between 95 and 99% and are acceptable for:

Visual content (publishing, printing and website illustrations, mobile apps, infographics);

Regal Wrap blueprints (Buick Regal wrap, paint, full body wrapping, vinyls and stickers);

3D modeling (for amateur and professional 3D artists);

Replica making (3D printing, wood, metal, paper works etc);

● Other visual purposes that require vehicle views in hi-res bitmaps, PDF or vectors.



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