Volkswagen T1 Samba drawings

Transporter All Volkswagen drawings
1950 - 1967 23-window Microvan

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Purchase Volkswagen T1 Samba Transporter drawings in 6 editable scalable file formats

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Views: Front Top Rear Side

License: Basic License

Scale: 1:10

Units: Millimeters (mm)

Formats included (Hover over format to see versions and compatibility):




Attention! We DO NOT offer absolutely exact blueprints. So you CAN NOT use our blueprints for engineering, repair and tuning purposes.

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Editable - You could move and paint vehicle parts. Change it from black plastic to metallic or select between glasses and panels.

Scalable - This blueprint is made with vector curves and strokes so you could zoom in as much as you need.

Lines and Shapes - Each blueprint could be used as lined wireframes and as a filled shapes.

Separate layers - for body, parts, windows, wheels, lights etc.


Purposes and accuracy:

Our blueprints have an accuracy between 95 and 99% and are acceptable for:

Visual content (publishing, printing and website illustrations, mobile apps, infographics);

Vehicle wrapping (paint, body wrap, vinyls, stickers etc);

3D modeling (for amateur and professional 3D artists);

Replica making (3D printing, wood, metal, paper works etc);

● Other visual purposes that require vehicle views in hi-res bitmaps, PDF or vectors.



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1950 - 1967
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1950 - 1967
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